The Best of Me

You say yes to life, and love all that you see.
In the presence of such love, I find the best of me.

It’s funny, because I had actually started drafting this post when I got your text the other day about “the car splashing water on you” and instead of getting angry your response was to laugh; and when I read that I couldn’t help but share the depth of what your simplest reactions to life remind me of myself.

All of life is energy. And energy multiples and feeds itself. We build momentum through compounding seemingly small decisions; this in turn creates way for bigger opportunities. And then energy continues to flow in that direction, in the form of beliefs, and choices and decisions. And just like that, step by step momentum builds. TipTop. TipTop. TipTop. Towards the avenues that you have been capable of dreaming.

Life is the manifestation of the reality we create within ourselves. How you and I show up as individuals in this world is a very accurate representation of how we see this world. Every time we say yes, we love, we try– we believe that the world is a beautiful place filled with hope and dreams and possibility. Every time we say no, we question, we deny– we believe that we are not enough, and things won’t ever work out, we stay stuck in the void of all that consumes our being.

Perhaps that is why I have been so particularly careful when it comes to words; words are a form of manifesting reality that I have control over. And in that power comes a responsibility; not only to myself but to the other. But more so, in the sharing of words I believe that I have the power to create new perspectives, or reinforce what you already believe.

I wonder how do my words find you? As a mirror reflecting all that you know to be true? Or as something slightly new?

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