All That I Love

If I were to ask myself: what do I love about you? This is what I would say…

I love your happiness, and that you love life.

I love that you like to plan events, and activities as much as I.

I love that you enjoy cooking, and helping me in the kitchen.

I love that you pay attention to details like the color of my nails, the rings I wear or if I am smiling when I enter.

I love that you enjoy reading my words and listening to what I have to say.

I love that you make note of what I like, so that one day you can send it my way.

I love that you are truly present, in conversations and in experiences.

I love that you believe in continuous growth and actively seek out learning.

I love that you’re willing to push past your boundaries.

I love that you trust me, and that you’re willing to share your stories.

I love that you feel like I have to offer as much in growth & learning as I feel you do for me.

I love that you believe in possibilities and maintain optimism.

I love that you say yes and believe in “and’s” and not “no’s”.

I love that you’re creative, and that you look for opportunities.

I love that you engage life with curiosity.

I love so many qualities about you, in this short time that I’ve gotten to know you.

I wonder with time, what all I will love…

I wouldn’t be surprised, if the answer was all of you.

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