I meet all, the way I met you,

And yet no-one meets me, the way you do.

Serendipity is when luck meets preparation.

And much of life is spent “preparing” ourselves. This is nothing more than forming habits, identifying beliefs, navigating experiences, etc. So by definition – our life is created and defined and recreated by the mental models that we acquire. Each uniquely plays a role in shaping how we perceive the world, and each is interconnected to the other. It is through the interplay of our models, that we create our identity.

So could this mean that you and I met on the cross roads of serendipity and choice?

Through individual life choices we forged our own identities, and perhaps because of the similarity of our journey’s we got a bit “lucky.”

I would like to believe that; for in this regard, both effort and expectation receive positive reinforcement. To strive confidently towards our dreams, to believe in our selves, and to believe wholeheartedly that what is meant to be will find me– are all constituents of effort & expectation.

After meeting you, I can say I truly believe in serendipity; for it seems like we were meant to meet.

Quite simply, I find it easy to give you my trust.

For we are made from the same stardust.

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