My Strength

You choose to walk with me, side by side.

What more could I ever need? If I have your presence in every stride.

I did find what I was looking for this weekend; I found my strength. And funnily enough this too was because of you…

I have spent a lot of time thinking about who I am, and furthermore who I become in the presence of others. You’ve probably heard me say it before: I am sensitive to energies. And therefore, precautious about the environment that I keep; for I know inadvertently the best and worst of “you” will affect the best and worst of me.

I suppose experience has taught me that at times, I will have to draw boundaries, or go elsewhere to find what I need.

So I did what I’ve done previously and asked for some time. I was unsure how you would react; I didn’t know if you would understand.

You did, and more than that – you didn’t judge me. You understood that I simply needed a little bit of time with my thoughts, and then I would come and explain.

But what I didn’t see coming was that you would choose to walk by my side.

In the way you met me, you showed me that I could have both: space and support.

Together, these two concepts have created my definition of strength: Confidence in my ability to be who I need to be; and comfort in knowing the ones I love support me.

It is because of who you are – I could be me. I could truly be me. Without guilt or obligation or fear or uncertainty. I could be me, grounded and free.

In the presence of such love, for the first time in my life I truly found peace. I didn’t have to fight or justify or defend – I was acknowledged, understood and supported.

It is such a beautiful feeling to have a persons support without invisible strings. Often times love becomes a cage… you, however, give me wings.

Ansh, at this point the only question I have left on my mind is: are you real?

It doesn’t seem possible to me, and yet I can recollect vividly spending time with you in person.. so you must be… you must be…

Then why do you feel like a dream, distant and far away from me?

Tell me, what should I believe?

Tell me, how often do fairytales exist in reality?

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