With Time

Perhaps there are somethings we can’t understand until we walk into them. Perhaps that is why the point is to live the questions, to walk with curiosity- towards all that is coming. Knowing that one day, uncertainty will be painted with familiarity.

After all, hasn’t that always been the case? Perhaps not in the way we intended, but that was never the promise. The promise wasn’t the narrative – with specific events occurring in a specific order – the promise was the story.

A story filled with familiarity, comfort, laughter, love, belonging – and a sense of coming home.

You feel like a familiar story, and yet it is one that I did not anticipate.

I wonder in whispers,

…is this what it feels like to meet a “soul mate“?

I smile.

For in your presence I find peace.

I breathe.

And with every breath, I find relief.

There is no fear, nor any hurry.

Everything feels right…

I can stay till I need, in the space between what was and what will be, because I know confidently:

What is meant to be, will come to be…

…with time.

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