Wrapped In Love

You asked me to pick between: love me the way I’d love to be loved, or love me the way you’d love to love me, and I found myself thinking…

What happens when:

The way I’d love to be loved is the way you love to love me?

Three sets of two, each embedded with multiple clues; all echo one beautiful message…

I love you ❤️

For welcoming me home, and wrapping me in layers of love: thank you 🙂

No one has been able to love me (completely) the way I wished to be loved, even when they wanted too. Not because they didn’t try – but because the way I wished to be loved, is in many layers too.

And not many people understand that, nor how to navigate the expanse that is me.

Which is why I have a confession to make:

As you explained the process behind preparing for my welcome home, I realized a beautiful truth…

In reality, besides me, there is only one person I know who has this ability, and that is you.

I believe, in the process of loving me the way I’d love to be loved – you’ve found a way to incorporate loving me the way you’d like to love me too.

After all, people, emotions, perspectives – perhaps all of life, is in one way or another: entangled.

Now I wonder, will you give me the same chance to learn about you?

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