We Appreciate You

The you who’s energy elevates the room.

The you who notices the person who was trying to share a story but couldn’t – and invites them back into the conversation.

The you who eases the tension.

The you who smiles, leans in – and asks questions.

The you who is easy to talk to.

The you who engages with curiosity.

The you who appreciates beauty, sees the good – and meets with optimism.

The you who smiles to meet sadness.

The you who doesn’t get angry – and upset at every mistake.

The you who inspires others to smile, to learn, to be curious, to grow, to try something different.

You are rare and very important in the equilibrium of an evening enjoyed, a day well made, a life well spent.

Thank you for bringing yourself into the space, and making everything around you glow with warmth and welcoming.

We appreciate you.