Equations of Love

In the mirror of me, did you find we?

Or instead, would you say,
we is an echo of me?

Me = We
We = Me

Or perhaps, me and we can be used interchangeably?

Furthermore, if
You + Me = Love

Love = Infinity

Then, does that mean that the love you and I share,
carves through time and space,

You + Me = Love
Love = Infinity
You + Me = Infinity

For each of us, is both an individual and a part of a whole
And therefore by definition of duality: ansh’s of infinity.

And yet, before “I Love You”, you said “I Pi You”;
creating yet another dizzying day dream.

For isn’t love, and infinity, and mirroring and echos –
a cacophony of irrational processes brought into harmony?
– quite like Pi,
by representing infinity – tangibly?

So where does this leave you + me?
What does this mean for we?

To share a love that is bounded by infinity?

As if such a concept could even exist in reality.

And yet here we are,
ceasely expanding the boundaries of you, and me respectively –

While parallely, exploring what it means –

To create a home and a life;
filled with love and laughter,
for you and for me,
for us and our future family.

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