He loves what I love.
He lets me choose.

He puts a smile on my face;
He’s even willing to lose.

Two separates beings,
whole and complete.

And together,
complements to each others identities.

I hope you know,
all that I wished to find in you,
I work to find in me.

At times, love like pain,
is a catalyst –
One that allows you to “see.”

The scars that you carry,
the fears you’ve yet to meet.

Then a memory flashes.

Your smile catches my eye,
and your soul my heart.

And today, I sit here and wonder:
how did we make it so far?

A smile eases onto my face.

For we are here today because we trust each other –
and we’ve embraced the¬†uncertainty.

Since nothing is certain,
anything is a possibility.

Even loving someone,
for all eternity.

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