Whenever I feel alone, or sad, or like I’m missing home,
I think of you.

When I want to come back or wish that I had never gone,
I think of you.

Time is passing, as it often does –
And I find myself capable of holding the space,
To see what unfolds as my journey continues;

The gift you’ve given me,
is how I find my strength.

I am tethered to you.

Not bound, nor constrained – but connected.

I know I can trust you to guide me home.

So I drift freely –
exploring, wondering, being

Tugging when I need reassurance,
Following when I need security;
Through the darkness, I can see you guiding me.

You are the candle that lights my flame,
By sharing your light –
you help the strength of our bond multiply.

No matter how far away,
you’ve shown me:

Love will find a way.

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